Swirl Sweater

Although I definitely sew more clothes these days, knitting was my first love.  I almost always have something on the needles, even if it takes me a little longer to get it done.  This project is actually my third from the wonderful book knit, Swirl!

These sweaters have a unique construction.  They are all based on either a circular or oval shape that you start knitting from the outermost edge.  You then bind off the collar and continue knitting the body and sleeves.  After blocking, you have just one seam that runs up one sleeve, joins the collar to the body, and then down the other sleeve.  My description is probably not very clear, but the diagrams in the book lay it out very well.

This sweater is actually the cover pattern.  The yarn is Cascade 220 sport, all in shades of purple.  I made one for my sister that was blue, and I had a really hard time giving it to her after I was finished.  So rather than knit one of the other swirl sweater patterns that I had my eye on, I bought the same yarn I used for her (in purple instead of blue) and knit up one for me.  The only thing I did differently was to shorten the sleeves by 15%.  Hers ended up a little long, so that the cuffs have to be turned up (which she says she actually likes).

This is the sweater being blocked on my floor; it gives a bit better sense of how it is constructed.

I don’t actually own any blocking boards, so I always block my knits right on my (clean!) carpet.  The book gives you a nice diagram of the finished dimensions, so I just use masking tape to mark it on my carpet.  What can I say, it works for me.

These sweaters are super comfy.  Kind of like wearing a (hopefully!) stylish blanket.  I bought a shawl pin at my LYS (local yarn store) to use as a closure.


Because of the way that it is constructed, this sweater is not very fitted.  Although that has it’s disadvantages, it also makes it easy to fit a wide variety of body types.  In fact, the only measurement you need is a “yoke” measurement: basically the length of the arms and across the back.  If you are a knitter in search of a fun new way to make sweaters (especially if you don’t like sewing too many seams), give this method a try.  I am definitely hooked as I already have an idea for swirl number four!


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