thread to cloth, weaving

Winding a Warp

I am writing a series of posts describing the process of weaving, from thread to cloth. The first post discusses how woven fabric differs from knitted fabric. Last week I talked about designing. This week, I start showing how to turn that design into a finished piece. (If you want to see winding a warp in… Read More Winding a Warp


Fun Fuzzy Weaves

These two projects are done with hand manipulated techniques. I made both of these while at the Vävstuga Immersion Program. My first post about my experience is here. The fuzziness of these pieces is accomplished by creating knots around the warp. The first one is a technique called rya, and this particular version of the… Read More Fun Fuzzy Weaves


Drawing on a Loom

This opphamta drawloom piece is one of the coolest things we got to weave during our 15-weeks at the Vävstuga Immersion Program. (See here to learn more about this program.) I also recently found a great interview with my teacher, Becky Ashenden, on another weaver’s blog. Drawlooms are really special because they essentially restore some… Read More Drawing on a Loom