Two End of the Summer Tops

Since summer is my favorite season, I had to squeeze in a couple more summer tops.  One of these is super quick and simple, the other a little more complicated.

The first is my “TNT” woven tank pattern, based off of a Butterick pattern.  I added darts to make it a bit more fitted and lowered the neckline, but I managed to lose my original altered pattern pieces.  After re-tracing my pattern, I re-did the darts based on one of my existing tops, but I don’t think I got them quite right.  The neckline is a bit too square also.  Oh, well, next time.  The fabric is a batik leftover from another project.  It is a perfectly wearable top that I know I will wear all the time.  Since I am a grad student, my summer work “uniform” is either jeans + a tank top or a casual (usually knit) dress.

This other top is not suitable for work, but I just love backless designs.  Since the fabric was leftover from another project and the pattern was from Burdastyle (to which I subscribe), in my mind this top was essentially free.  Plus, I had to use every bit of the fabric– some of the facings are actually from a totally different fabric– which means that this fabric is out of my stash, always a plus.

This second top is Burda 7-2015-120.  I made the size 42, and the armholes were gaping horribly when I first tried it on.  I had to take two inches (!) out of the armholes at the side seam, tapering down to nothing at the waist.  Fortunately, that pretty much fixed the problem.  The fit of the straps may not be 100% perfect and the back is slightly away from the body as well, but it is good enough for me.  Although I definitely care about fit, I don’t like spending my time getting absolutely perfect fit in every garment that I make.  I usually assume that if it doesn’t bother me too much, no one else will notice or care.


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