A Knitted Vest for My Mom

This is a somewhat belated birthday present for my mom.  She requested a copy of a vest worn by her yoga instructor.  I picked a nice neutral color so that it would go with lots of tops.  The yarn is the classic Cascade 220.

The construction is very simple.  Although I love sewing, I do not like sewing up hand-knitted garments.  To avoid the sewing, I prefer to knit seamless patterns.  My favorite knitting book is Custom Knits by Wendy Bernard for this reason.  The patterns in the book are fine, but what I really find useful is the basic guides for knitting a top down raglan, a seamless body with knit-on sleeves, and a yoke sweater.  There are also guidelines for different necklines.  Using these instructions, I am able to knit up a swatch to get gauge and then seamlessly knit my sweater.  For the vest, I just followed the top-down instructions and omitted the sleeves.  I did not even use any waist shaping because I was going for a relaxed silhouette.

The vest is mostly a stockinette stitch, with seed stitch bands around the front edge and armholes.  I should have made the font band just a bit wider.  I also knit some short pieces of i-cord, which are stitched on to create the button loops.

There’s not much more to say about this simple piece.  However, I’m glad I was able to re-create something for my mom.

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