Another Sweater for my Brand New Husband

It’s been awhile, and this post will be quick because life is a little crazy right now.  My wedding was just a couple weeks ago, and it took lots of prep beforehand and some time to recover from.  The wedding itself was absolutely amazing, and I will have a final post up about the wedding dress soon.  I’m just waiting on the photos from the photographer.  In the meantime, this is a quick post about the second sweater that I have made for my beloved, who is now officially my husband!!

Isn’t he handsome?!



This is another McCall’s 6803, which I have made once before for him, and a couple times for myself.  This is a heavier knit than the first one because I wanted him to have sweaters to wear at different temperatures.  The only major change I made was to the pockets.  My darling is obsessed with putting his hands in the pockets, and he is very picky about the size of the pockets.  The pockets in the first version didn’t quite satisfy him.  For the second version, I extended the pocket bags so that they are actually sewn into the front and bottom bands.  In addition to giving him the size that he wants, this change also nicely anchors the pockets.  I think it also gives a cleaner appearance.

The new and improved pocket.

I actually finished the sweater awhile ago, and he has already worn it a ton.  I guess that means that it is a success!


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