Simple Bias Slip

I have a couple different dresses planned that are slightly sheer, so I am in need of a full slip to wear under them.  I used the free Ruby slip pattern from the blog Pattern Scissors Cloth.  The original pattern uses lace for the bodice, but I just used my fabric.  I had previously made this pattern into summer sleepwear, so I had already made some slight modifications to the bodice.  My fabric is a rayon lining fabric that I got from somewhere that I don’t remember.

Not much else to say about this, the fabric was a bit shifty, but I have worked with worse.  The insides are just serged and then topstitched down to make mock flat-felled seams on the bodice.  (I considered real flat-felled seams with French seams on the side seams, but I decided those were just too fiddly with 3/8″ seams allowances.)  I did not add enough of a hem allowance to the bodice pieces, so they ended up being too low.  Luckily, with a slip you can pretty much stick lace on wherever you want.  I used some stretch lace that I had on hand, and that fixed the problem.  A simple and easy but useful little undergarment.

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