New Toy!: A Passap M201 Speed-O-Knitter

That’s right, I bought a knitting machine!  It is an old one, first released in 1954.  In fact, this model was the first latch-needle knitting machine designed for the home user.  I do not know exactly how old mine is, but the next model, the Duomatic, was not released until 1959, so mine is likely around 50-60 years old.  I found it on Craigslist for only $25, and I just couldn’t pass it up.

Mine came with all the accessories, and is in really good condition.  The box was water-damaged, and a few of the accessories are a bit rusted, but the machine is not.  It does need a good cleaning and oiling, as a few of the needles are gunked up, but nothing that you wouldn’t expect from such an old machine.

I have never used a knitting machine before, but I watched a couple of youtube videos and it doesn’t seem too hard.  There are also lots of resources, such as ravelry, out there.  Since it is such an early model, mine can only do stockinette stitch.  An attachment that allows you to do ribbing was sold, but I would have to find one for a reasonable price.  Because of these limitations, I will not be giving up handknitting anytime soon, but I’m hoping to use it to make long stretches of stockinette stitch.  It is designed to handle fine yarn, and tons of stockinette in a small gauge is super-boring to knit.  When I actually make something with it, I will share more!

7 thoughts on “New Toy!: A Passap M201 Speed-O-Knitter

    1. Even though it’s been a few years, I honestly still haven’t used it yet. Just making too many other things, I guess. Good luck with yours!

    2. I’ve just got one too. It’s filthy. How have you cleaned yours? Is it possible to take the needles out to clean them and the bed?

  1. For more information on Passap knitting machines, may I suggest the Passap user group on Facebook? There are regular participants who can advise you on getting started and how to clean and maintain your machine.

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