Fun Shorts for Dirty Jobs

Last summer I realized that all my ratty pairs of gym shorts that I used to wear to clean the house and work in the garden had gotten a bit too ratty.  I have plenty of longer pants, but I only had nice pairs of shorts.  Rather than buy some, I decided to go crazy with quilting cottons and make some.

The pattern is just my pyjama pants pattern.  I made one pair with some fabric I already had, but unfortunately, most of my quilting cottons are only 1 yard cuts, which were too small to squeeze the shorts out of.  I went to JoAnn’s and bought whatever fabrics I liked that were on sale.  I streamlined the process by doing the last three together, and I was able to whip them out in almost no time.

I was definitely not too worried about being perfect on these.  I did an especially horrible job marking the buttonholes for the drawstrings.  I have not yet put in drawstrings (the drawstrings help to compensate as the elastic gives out over time, so they’re not really needed right now).  I may get some cute ribbons rather than using cord.  I also used finishes that are more durable; so for instance, the the hems are finished with a straight stitch, rather than trying to make them invisible as I would normally.

I definitely should have enough of these shorts now, and the fun fabrics will make me smile.

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