PURPLE Winter Knits


Yes, that is a purple wall behind my purple dress– I wasn’t kidding about loving purple!  We even painted the wall ourselves.

This post has some of my favorite stuff– my FAVORITE color and cozy stuff for winter.  Both garments are simple ones that I have made before, but the fabric makes these special.

The dress fabric is a wool lace with a fleece backing.  It is super soft on the inside and quite warm.  I got it from Mood (online) last year, but didn’t manage to get it made up before the spring.  I used the same pattern that I used for my brown sweater dress that I made last year.  I made both the sleeves and the skirt longer (I was trying to squeeze the first dress out of limited fabric last time).  This dress whips up super quick on the serger.  I used my usual twin needle for the hems.  As with my previous version, I finished the neckline with a facing in a lighter knit.


Everything is better with a cat!  This is actually Mia’s preferred way to be held.

The tights are my very favorite color.  This fabric was actually not a great choice for tights as it had almost no vertical stretch.  In fact, after I made them initially, they only reached halfway up my rear.  I added a panel at the top to get the extra length.  It looks like shit, but as no one sees that part of tights, I’m not too worried about it.  I may go back and add a gusset to the crotch as it is currently a bit low.  Lesson learned though– next time I try to use a knit with little vertical stretch for tights I will add to the length.  (It would be better if I just used appropriate fabric, but you know I’m not going to do that.)

Apparently this is the first time I have shown any tights on my blog.  Which is funny because I have made 5 pairs!  The pattern was originally the Espresso leggings from Cake patterns.  (The same patter that my sister made in my previous post.)  I don’t like the way this pattern is done, so I wouldn’t recommend it.  Since I’ve already tweaked mine, it works for me.  To turn it into tights, I traced around my foot and added seam allowances.  To make the tights, I cut a pair of feet and then sort of add the top foot part to the bottom of the leggings (plus a bit of extra length at the ankle).  To sew them, I sew the legs as usual, and then attach the bottom foot to the leggings.  I have tweaked the pattern with each version.  As with the dress, these whip up super quick on the serger.  Then I just pop in some elastic at the waist and I’m done.

I love making my own tights as it is really hard to find wool tights, and those that you can find are really expensive.  I’m so happy to have a pair in the best color!


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