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Summer Shirts for Wade

I have been slowly expanding Wade’s wardrobe.  I first started with his awesome coat (there is a pic of it here).  Then I realized that he didn’t have any non-hoodie layers, so I made him some cardigans.  The next thing I decided he needed was a short-sleeved button up shirt because he didn’t have any… Read More Summer Shirts for Wade


Summer Dress for 2017

My favorite season is summer.  Even when it is 90 and humid, I am still happy to be warm without having to think about wearing layers all the time.  It shouldn’t be a surprise that I love making and wearing summer dresses.  I could probably make an unlimited number of summer dresses, but I have… Read More Summer Dress for 2017


PURPLE Winter Knits

  Yes, that is a purple wall behind my purple dress– I wasn’t kidding about loving purple!  We even painted the wall ourselves. This post has some of my favorite stuff– my FAVORITE color and cozy stuff for winter.  Both garments are simple ones that I have made before, but the fabric makes these special.… Read More PURPLE Winter Knits